Personal Chef

Our celebrity clientele keep coming back for more of our signature dishes and specialty meals created just for them. 


Celebrate your next major event  & let us handle all the cooking for you.

Meal Planning

Your favorite athlete relies on us to keep them eating healthy on and off season. 

Let us help you meal plan.


TONY ROCK (Comedian/Actor)

Tasha has catered my last 3 birthday weekends. If you've never been, I've had ice cream trucks, exotic dancers (yes, that kind), a masseuse, celebrity dj, liquor sponsors and fireworks. Yet every year when invites roll out the question I'm always asked is 'same food ?'. 

When I have my first child Tasha will cater the baby shower. 

If I'm ever on death row, her soup will be my last meal. 

I might even have her cater my funeral to guarantee people will show up.

My Mother overheard me telling a friend that Tasha's food is the best I've ever eaten. She said 'I doubt it's that good'. Then I went to Tasha's for Thanksgiving dinner. I think Mama gets it now.

A young lady I was dating once said 'If you love Tasha food so much maybe you should date it instead of me'. Tasha's food and I have been going strong ever since.  

MIKE PHILLIPS (Intn'l Jazz Saxophonist)

"I come from Jamaican heritage and one thing we don't do is commercialized jerk chicken.  This is the REAL DEAL"


"As a professional athlete, my schedule and dietary requirements are crazy.  From the beginning Chef Wong has always accommodated my needs and the food is AMAZING"


"We had Chef Wong cater our wedding, she is a master at what she does! We hired her for her expertise, she was able to interpret our vision and provide everything we wanted and more! Our guests are still talking about the food at our wedding. Five stars!!! " 

- Vanessa Williams

CRAIG ROBINSON (Comedian/Actor)


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